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Science there is always the possibility of tension

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Unformatted text preview: alism – acceptable for children •  To protect individuals from their own ac/ons? (opposed by libertarians) •  For the “common good” – lots of room for controversy Moral and Religious Concerns •  Sex and reproduc/on •  Alcohol and drugs •  Assisted suicide and other end- of- life decisions Poli/cs vs. Science •  There is always the possibility of tension •  Conserva/ve control of federal government intensifies the conflict •  Cri/cism of Bush administra/on for going too far in misrepresen/ng science to support its policies •  Efforts by the Obama administra/on to inform policy decisions based on honest science 3 1/13/14 Discussion Ques/on 1 •  Do you agree that the philosophy of social jus/ce is preferable to the philosophy of market...
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