G anencephaly and spina bifida folic acid supplements

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Unformatted text preview: caused by new mutations • Severity of some genetic conditions may be affected by environment, e.g., anencephaly and spina bifida – Folic acid supplements can reduce risk • Genes influence susceptibility to diseases of adulthood Newborn Screening • Test drop of blood from newborns for metabolic abnormalities • All newborns in US are screened for at least two conditions: PKU and hypothyroidism • States vary in conditions screened for • Most conditions are autosomal recessive • Early diagnosis can prevent or reduce permanent damage • Some conditions are complicated to test for: e.g., cystic fibrosis Carrier Screening • Screen for recessive genes in high- risk populations • Tay- Sachs disease in Jews – Encouraged by Jewish leaders • Sic...
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