Smoking later than men womens lung cancer rates began

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Unformatted text preview: ulatory Restrictions • Federal Trade Commission – warning labels • Federal Communications Commission – Fairness Doctrine – counter- advertising • 1971 – negotiated total ban on advertising • 1992 – EPA - - environmental tobacco smoke is carcinogenic • 1990s – nonsmokers rights movement Prevalence of Smoking and Cancer • Fallacy of women’s immunity: Women started smoking later than men, women’s lung cancer rates began rising later, and lung cancer among women surpassed breast cancer in the 1980s • Black men had higher rates but have declined • High rates in American Indians and Alaska Natives • Strong association with lack of education • Now in U.S., about 20% of adults smoke Emphasis on Youth • Tobacco companies must recruit 2 million smokers a year to replace those who die or quit • Most smokers begin smoking in their teens • Ads focus on young people – Joe Camel • Ads focus on women – claim that smoking helps them lose weight • Laws prohibit sale...
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