Orenstein.What’s Wrong With Cinderella

I mulled that ov er while flipping through t he paper

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Unformatted text preview: fantasy of romance that that era of feminism threatened, the priv ileges that traditional femininity conferred on women despite its costs — doors magically opened, dinner checks picked up, Manolo Blahniks. Frippery . Fun. Why should we giv e up the perks of our sex until we’re sure of what we’ll get in ex change? Why should we giv e them up at all? Or may be it’s deeper than that: the freedoms feminism bestowed came with an undercurrent of fear among women themselv es — flowing through “Ally McBeal,” “Bridget Jones’s Diary ,” “Sex and the City ” — of losing male lov e, of nev er marry ing, of not hav ing children, of being depriv ed of something that felt essentially and ex clusiv ely female. I mulled that ov er while flipping through “T he Paper Bag Princess,” a 1 980 picture book hailed as an antidote to Disney . T he heroine outwits a dragon who has kidnapped her prince, but not before the beast’s fiery breath frizzles her hair and destroy s her dress, forcing her to don a paper bag. T he ungrateful prince rejects her, telling her to come back when she is “dressed like a real princess.” She dumps him and skips off into the sunset, happily ev er after, alone. T here y ou hav e it, “T helma and Louise” all ov er again. Step out of line, and y ou end up solo or, worse, sailing crazily ov er a cliff to y our doom. Alternativ es like those might send y ou skittering right back to the castle. And I get that: the fact is, though I want my daughter to do and be whatev er she wants as an adult, I still hope she’ll find her Prince Charming and hav e babies, just as I hav e. I don’t want her to be a fish without a bicy cle; I want her to be a fish with another fish. Preferably , one who lov es and respects her and also does the dishes and half the child care. T here had to be a middle ground between compliant and defiant, between petticoats and paper bags. I remembered a v ideo on Y ouT ube, an ad for a Nintendo game called Super Princess Peach. I t showed a pack of girls in tiaras, gowns and elbow- length white glov es sl...
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