Although the quality of the participation is most

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Unformatted text preview: s relevant to the topic being discussed. Although the quality of the participation is most important, a fair amount of meaningful participation by each student is clearly indispensable to receive a positive participation grade. At the end of the course I will assign each student’s participation grade based on my professional judgment of a wide variety of class-related variables, including (but not limited to) such things as the quality and quantity of the participation both in and out of class, class attendance and attentiveness, and the student’s professional behavior toward the other students and the instructor. Exams: The exams will be based on the conceptual and technical material contained in the cases, homeworks, and any other material or concepts discussed in class throughout the course. Final Project: The project will be done by small groups, each of which will give me a printed report at the beginning of class on the scheduled date. Please note that the written case project will be graded on the basis of the quality, clarity, originality, and depth of the financial analysis, as well as on the overall effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of the presentation. In other words, I expect to see a professional-quality written report worthy of being submitted to any company’s CEO. Technical Notes for the Cases: After completing each case discussion in class, I will post “technical notes” pertaining to the highlights of that case. Please note that the policy of the Department of Finance is not to hand out “solutions” to the cases. Tentative Case Schedule: A detailed tentative schedule for the course is provided separately so that you may prepare the material in advance. While the cases require a clear understanding of the main financial concepts, it is the practical application of these concepts that will be stressed throughout. I reserve the right to change cases or rearrange the schedule. Purchase of the Coursepack: Use the link given at the top of this syllabus to purchase the coursepack...
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