Grading the grading will be based on my professional

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Unformatted text preview: e semester, without recourse. Grading: The grading will be based on my professional judgment of the quality of the student’s participation, which is worth 20%; on a written group project worth 15%; on homework exercises and problems collectively worth 10%; on two midterm exams worth 15% each; and on a comprehensive final exam worth 25% of the total grade. Final course grades will comply with the School of Business and Finance Department grading guidelines. The tentative dates of the midterm exams are Friday February 14th and Friday March 28th during regular class hours, and the final exam will be on Wednesday April 30th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (within the alloted time stated in the UM Final Exam Schedule). The exams must be taken when scheduled, as there will be no make-up exams. To miss any of the exams and continue in the class, you must contact the instructor in writing at least 24 hours prior to the beginning time of the exam, and receive written approval from the instructor. Be aware that I will only grant approval in truly extraordinary and extenuating circumstances, which must be duly documented in a timely fashion, based on my professional judgment. Also note that there will be no additional assignments to offset poor exam performance. Important Note: Please check your personal, job interview, and academic calendar— including the exam schedules of your other courses—before classes begin. Continue in this class only if you are able to take the midterm and final exams as scheduled above, and are able to comply with the University of Miami’s exam policy. Participation: Vigorous class participation is indispensable for a successful case course. Therefore, all students must carefully read and prepare the assigned case prior to class. I expect all students to actively participate in the class discussion by asking pertinent questions, adding comments, and/or sharing personal experience...
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