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Unformatted text preview: containing the cases and materials required for the course. If you have an account with Harvard Business Publishing, click on Login Now; if not, click on Register Now and then follow the purchase instructions. Based on prior students’ experience, the purchase process should be user-friendly. However, if you have problems purchasing the coursepack, please notify me ASAP by e-mail so I may try to help you. Homework: Each group of students must solve the assigned problems and exercises, and present a typed/printed report at the beginning of class on the due dates. I will grade these reports based on the correctness and depth of the analysis, as well as on the clarity and quality of the report. For grading purposes, I may select only a subset of problems from each homework. Solving the problems and exercises is relevant to your understanding of the concepts, and should also help you prepare for the exams. Attendance Policy: Class attendance is mandatory. Absences from class for any reason whatsoever may substantially decrease the student’s participation grade, based on my professional judgment. In particular, any student missing more than five (5) classes, in whole or in part, may not receive a positive participation grade. I may verify attendance at any time during class. The Finance Department attendance policy requires that a student attend at least 80% of a course’s classes in order to complete the course and have the potential of receiving a passing grade. Given this policy, any student missing more than eight (8) classes, in whole or in part, will not receive a passing grade, regardless of the motive for the absences, and no matter what the student’s scores on the exams and other assessments may be. Important note: A student is considered absent from a class if that student is not present at the time of taking attendance. It is the student’s...
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