In particular because office hours are for clarifying

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Unformatted text preview: responsibility to identify and learn the material missed due to an absence. In particular, because office hours are for clarifying specific items related to class lectures and assigned homework, office hours are not to be used as make-up classes. Calculator, Computer, and Other Electronic Devices: You must have a financial calculator, and it is your responsibility to learn to use it. The Finance department recommends you have either the Texas Instruments BAII Plus or Hewlett Packard 10B. If you already have an alternative financial calculator, you may use it provided you accept responsibility for any problems or confusion that might create for you during an exam. Please bring your financial calculator to every class. Although the School of Business default policy discourages the use of laptops and other similar computing devices (e.g., iPad), from time to time I may ask you to use your laptop or mobile device to look up certain information on the internet. Using your laptop or mobile device during class for any non-academic purpose is strictly prohibited. Make sure to turn off or silence your mobile phone before class begins, and do not use it at any time during class. I also reserve the right to forbid the use of any other electronic device that I deem to be disruptive to the class, in my professional judgment. Photographic, video, audio, and any other type of recording of any portion of the class, or of any material presented or projected in class, is strictly prohibited. Classroom Decorum: I expect every student to be courteous and respectful to all the other students and to the instructor at all times, both in and out of the classroom. In particular, any type of activity or behavior that, in my professional judgment, is rude, disruptive to the class, or interferes with the learning process will not be tolerated. Be aware that such behavior constitutes grounds for dismissal of the offending student(s) from the c...
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