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It is crucially important to note that this policy is

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Unformatted text preview: ourse, and that those students will receive a failing grade in the course. It is crucially important to note that this policy is by no means intended to discourage appropriate classroom discussion or civil disagreement between students or between a student and the instructor; rather, it is intended to ensure that such interactions are respectful. Policies, Rules, and Regulations: I will post announcements with specific policies, rules, and regulations, as needed. For example, before the first midterm I expect to post the corresponding rules for the test. Similarly, I may post an announcement with the regulations that apply when there is more demand than supply of my time during office hours. Course Web Site: You can access the Blackboard (Bb) course web site for the class at www.courses.miami.edu. Most of my out-of-class communication with you will be done through the web site or via e-mail sent from that site. I will not send general notifications to e-mail addresses other than those linked to the course web site. In the web site I will post new materials, class notes in Course Documents, any change of schedule, test scores, etc., as needed. You are responsible for keeping up with all the information in the web site in a timely manner, so please check the site on a regular basis. Also, I will send you e-mails throughout the course, so please closely monitor your e-mail account linked to the course web site. Honor Code: The University of Miami Undergraduate Honor Code applies throughout the course at all times. Any student involved in any way, either passively or actively, in academic dishonesty will automatically receive an “F” as the final course grade....
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