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Chapter 10 what do the results of segal and

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Unformatted text preview: logic behind Swinney’s lexical ambiguity experiment. What results did he find, and what do such results tell us about how the meanings of ambiguous words are processed? Key Words: cross- modal priming; lexical decision; semantic priming; two- stage model of lexical ambiguity 3 PSYC 2145 (Spring 2013): Study Guide for Mid- Term #4 Key Experiment: 9th ZAPS Assignment Lexical Decision; Swinney’s (1979) lexical ambiguity resolution study Language/Thought Relationship (04/11 lecture) • What is the Sapir- Whorf hypothesis? What evidence exists regarding the two related aspects of this hypothesis (i.e., linguistic determinism and linguistic relativity)? Key Words: Sapir- Whorf hypothesis; linguistic determinism; linguistic relativity Key Experiments: Roberson et al.'s (2000) cross- cultural study on color perception Review Questions for the Ass...
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