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Exam 4 Study Guide

Key words implicit vs explicit memory false fame

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Unformatted text preview: d before, the progress of cognitive psychology critically depends on rigorous scientific experimentation to support or refute different hypotheses and theories. Thus, both the lectures and the assigned readings discuss some important experimental evidence. You should be familiar with the key experiments listed below, especially with respect to what the researchers did and found and what the results tell us about different aspects of memory (I do not ask any questions about researchers’ names, so you do not need to remember who did which experiment). Amnesia (03/21 lecture) • What is anterograde amnesia? How about retrograde amnesia? What types of memories are typically impaired in patients with anterograde amnesia, and what types of memories are typically spared? Key words: hippocampus; retrograde amnesia; anterograde amnesia Implicit Memory (03/21 lecture) •...
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