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Key words parahippocampal place area ppa fusiform face

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Unformatted text preview: What is implicit memory? How is it different from explicit memory? What characteristics does it have, and how is it usually measured? What evidence supports the distinction between implicit memory and explicit memory? You also should be able to come up with everyday examples of implicit memory in action. Key Words: implicit vs. explicit memory; false fame effect; propaganda effect; direct tests (recall & recognition) vs. indirect tests (tachistoscopic identification & word fragment completion); repetition priming 2 PSYC 2145 (Spring 2013): Study Guide for Mid- Term #4 Key Experiment: Jacoby's (1983) implicit vs. explicit memory experiment Visual Mental Imagery (04/02 lecture) • In what ways are visual images like actual pictures? In what ways are visual images NOT like...
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