Exam 4 Study Guide

Thus both the lectures and the assigned readings

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Unformatted text preview: . The class policy regarding missed mid- term exams is mentioned in the syllabus. Basically, because you can drop the worst mid- term exam score from the calculation of your final grade, no make- up mid- term exams will be given. But if you must miss this exam for legitimate reasons (a planned vacation doesn't count), you should let the instructor know as soon as possible and provide an appropriate document (e.g., a doctor's note). In such a case, alternative ways to accommodate the missed exam may be arranged on an individual basis. What to Focus on for the Lecture Materials As was the case with the previous study guide for the 3rd mid- term exam, I am providing a list of review questions here for the lecture materials, along with a list of key words and key experiments. As I emphasize...
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