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E the materials that were not covered in the lectures

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Unformatted text preview: (all) ZAPS Experiments • 8th assignment: Mental Rotation 3- D • 9th assignment: Lexical Decision As before, 15- 20% of the total points for the mid- term exam will be based on the materials covered ONLY in the assigned readings (i.e., the materials that were NOT covered in the lectures). The rest of the exam will be based on the lecture materials (including in- class demos and video segments), The format of the exam will be the same as the first one. More specifically, the exam will consist of 10 True- False questions and 31 or 32 multiple- choice questions (including a bonus question or two). The types of questions asked and the overall difficulty level will be similar to the 1st mid- term exam. Because you know how to study for the exam for this class, I will not repeat here some st...
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