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Exam 4 Study Guide

S 1999 study on pronunciation ability among l2

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Unformatted text preview: actual pictures? What are relevant experimental phenomena or findings that are indicative of the picture- like and non- picture- like characteristics of visual imagery, respectively? Key Words: mental scanning, mental rotation, mental paper folding, mental scaling, ambiguous figures vs. images (you should know the basic results of experiments on these topics) Key Experiment: 8th ZAPS Assignment Mental Rotation 3- D • What can recent neuroscience research (e.g., neuroimaging, studies of brain- damaged patients) tell us about the relationship between visual imagery and visual perception in the brain? Key Words: parahippocampal place area (PPA); fusiform face area (FFA) Key Experiments: Neuroimaging studies of visual imagery (e.g., LiBihan et al.’s and O’Craven & Kanwisher’s fMRI studies) Basic Characteristics of Human Spoken Language (04/04 lectu...
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