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About 45 babies are born each day in the larger

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Unformatted text preview: nk tellers Bank tellers Feminists Example of “bias” due to this heuristic Linda is 31 years old, single, outspoken, and very bright. She majored in philosophy. As a student, she was deeply concerned with issues of discrimination and social justice, and also participated in antinuclear demonstrations. Which of the following alternatives is more likely? 14% n༆  A. Linda is a bank teller n༆  B. Linda is a bank teller and 86% is active in feminist movement ¨༊  Sample Size and Representativeness n༆  Representativeness also leads to neglect of sample sizes ¨༊  n༆  People incorrectly believe in small- sample fallacy Small- sample fallacy An erroneous belief that small samples can be representative of the target population ¨༊  The “law of large numbers” is actually correct...
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