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1986 n a woman is taking a shower all of a sudden

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Unformatted text preview: local” information ¨༊  n༆  Functions dominant in the right hemisphere Various aspects of visuospatial processing ¨༊  The processing of “global” information ¨༊  Hemispheric Differences in Language Processing n༆  The left hemisphere (LH) is dominant for language and handles many aspects of language processing, both production and comprehension Phonology (speech sounds) ¨༊  Syntax (grammar and sentence structure) ¨༊  Semantics (meaning) ¨༊  n༆  Left Hemisphere Good at local processing Crucial for literal processing 3 Hemispheric Differences in Language Processing n༆  But the right hemisphere (RH) also plays a major role in some aspects of language processing ¨༊  The analysis of prosody (= intonation patterns) n༆  n༆  ¨༊  Rising or falling pitch Emotional tones Right Hemisphere Good at global (holistic) processing Non- literal aspects of language n༆  n༆  Metaphors Jokes Roles of the Two Hemispheres in Humor Comprehension n༆  Comprehension of a joke relies on the right hemisphe...
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