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Unformatted text preview: spare a little change for a blind man?” Patients with RH damage (= relying on the literal processing of the LH) cannot pick the correct ending ¨༊  Have trouble integrating the punch line of the joke 4 Key Brain Areas for Language Processing n༆  Wernicke’s Area Located close to auditory areas ¨༊  Connected to Broca’s area via neural pathway Important for n༆  Broca’s Area production and ¨༊  Located close to primary syntactic motor cortex processing ¨༊  n༆  Aphasia Deficits of language functions that accompany neurological (LH) damage ¨༊  Broca’s vs. Wernicke’s aphasia ¨༊  Pathway from Wernicke’s to Broca’s Important for comprehension and semantic processing Different Types of Aphasia Wernicke’s Aphasia “Well this is…mother is away here wo...
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