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Unformatted text preview: sis do the results support or refute? What can these results tell us about memory?). So spend some extra time going over those key experiments listed in this study guide. As you already know, the lecture slides (the PowerPoint slides used in class) are available on D2L. Being able to see the figures, data graphs, and in- class demonstrations used during my lectures should serve as effective retrieval cues and should help trigger your memory. Make sure, though, that you will avoid simply reading the notes over and over; as you learned during the memory principles section of the course, repeated learning is not as effective as testing yourself. The class policy regarding missed mid- term exams is mentioned in the syllabus. Basically, because you can drop the worst mid- term exam score from the calculation of your final grade, no make- up mid- term exams will be given. But if you must miss this exam for legitimate reasons (a planned vacation doesn't count), you should let the instructor know as soon as possible and provide an appropriate document (e.g., a doctor's note). In such a case, alternative ways to accommodate the missed exam may be arranged on an individual basis. Because I (Akira) am in charge of making decisions about exam- related...
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