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04-02 Lecture Slides (Final)

Trials only 2 10 minutes manipulate mental images

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Unformatted text preview: The bottom line ¨༊  Mental imagery is like perception (picture- like) in some ways and like memory (non- picture- like) in other ways 2 4/2/13 Picture- like Properties of Imagery n༆  Like real pictures, it is possible to: Linear relationship between actual distance and mental scanning time (1) scan mental images n༆  Mental scanning of a fictitious island Patch of grass Tree Pond Well Hut Beach Picture- like Properties of Imagery Mental Rotation, 3-D n༆  Like real pictures, it is Mental Rotation, 3-D possible to: Duration: Type: Main area: Summary 4/1/13 2:46 PM Linear relationship between the degree of rotation and rotation time (correctly answered “same” trials only) (2) 10 minutes manipulate mental images Experiment n༆  Mental rotation Thinking When you try to imagine something, you create a type of picture in your head (a 'mental image'). In psychology, the way we handle mental images has been studied extensively. It turns out there are interesting similarities and differences in the way we handle and manipulate two-dimensional and threedimensional images. Introduction It is recommended that you do the Mental rotation, 2-D ZAP first , before performing this 3-D ZAP. Visual imagery serves an important role in our daily lives, even without our realizing it. It plays a causal role in our behaviors, such as when we salivate or feel hungry after mentally picturing a hot fudge ice cream sundae. While purchasing a new sweater, we may image how it would look with our black striped pants. Or if buying new curtains for an apartment, you might mentally rotate each room and scan the number of windows that need curtains. Although using visual imagery, and operating on those images through scanning and rotation might seem like an ordinary and automatic act, pulling up an image (e.g., of your new apartment) from memory and manipu...
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