03-12 Lecture Slides (Final)

03-12 Lecture Slides(Final)

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Unformatted text preview: distractor SLEEP 65.0% (S2) 66.0% (S3) (“Yes”) (“No”) (“No”) Subjects incorrectly recognized thematically united target distractor words (“sleep”) almost as often as the words actually presented in the lists. 7 3/12/13 Instructions for the Sentence Recall Task n༆  The presentation of a brief sentence n༆  Five words to remember n༆  A target word to verify ¨༊  The boy wanted to go to the supermarket with his mother ¨༊  Beef, phone, spring, bed, elephant ¨༊  PHONE = YES ¨༊  NEEDLE = NO n༆  Verbatim recall of the sentence ¨༊  The boy wanted to go to the supermarket with his mother Sentence 1 The knight rode around the palace searching for a place to enter. Tape, University, Author, Castle, Bicycle Sentence 2 The report was checked by four people before a mistake was found. Autograph...
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