03-12 Lecture Slides (Final)

After the procedure is completed one arranges the

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Unformatted text preview: s “default” options and help us fill in “gaps” ¨༊  No need to mention all the relevant things/steps for familiar concepts or events John was feeling very hungry as he entered the restaurant. He settled himself at the table and noticed that the waiter was nearby. Suddenly, however, he realized that he’d forgotten his reading glasses. Recall the contents of the passage you heard earlier Washing Clothes The procedure is actually quite simple. First you arrange items into different groups. Of course, one pile may be sufficient depending on how much there is to do. If you have to go somewhere else due to lack of facilities, that is the next step; otherwise, you are pretty well set. It is important not to overdo things. That is, it is better to do too few things at once than too many. In the short run, this may not seem important, but complications can easily arise. A mistake can be expensive as well. At first, the whole procedure will seem complicated. Soon, however, it will become just another facet of life. It is difficult to foresee any end to the necessity for this task in the immediate future, but then one can never tell. After the procedure is completed, one arranges the materials into different groups again. Then they can be put into their appropriate places. Eventually they will be used once more, and the whole cycle w...
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