03-12 Lecture Slides (Final)

He settled himself at the table and noticed that the

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Unformatted text preview: scripts are part of semantic memory n༆  Scripts are NOT part of procedural memory Schemas (Schemata) and Scripts n༆  Knowledge about what is typical in a situation/object (schema) or an event/episode (script) ¨༊  Examples of schemas: n༆  n༆  Your knowledge of objects that are typically present in a professor’s office or in a kitchen Your knowledge of what cats/dogs are like ¨༊  Examples of scripts n༆  Your knowledge of the sequence of events that usually take place in a restaurant or at the airport ¨༊  Scripts are about typical sequences of events, NOT about what happened at a particular place on a particular day 4 3/12/13 Roles of Schemas and Scripts n༆  Schemas and scripts serve a...
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