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Unformatted text preview: ailable in LTM Evidence for the Reconstructive Nature of Memory n༆  The reconstructive nature of human memory is evident in the types of errors people often make ¨༊  False memories ¨༊  Errors in eyewitness testimony n༆  Some examples: ¨༊  Word recall (demo) - - - ZAPS #7: False Memory ¨༊  Sentence recall (demo) ¨༊  Scene recognition (an Alan Alda video segment from an Scientific American Frontiers episode, “Pieces of the Mind”) Word Recall: SLEEP Bed Rest Awake Tired Dream Wake Snooze Blanket Doze Slumber Snore Nap Peace Yawn Drowsy 7th ZAPS Assignment: False Memory % of “Yes” Response Word Types Words in the original list DREAM 85.1% (S2) 83.6% (S3) Normal distractor HONEY 2.4% (S2) 5.6% (S3) Target...
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