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Whole report technique sperlings 1960 study of whole

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Unformatted text preview: ffect: Unaffected Recency Effect: Greatly reduced 6 2/28/13 Experimental Evidence for the STM/LTM Distinction n༆  Serial position effect in free recall ¨༊  Primacy effect n༆  Reflects LTM contribution ¨༊  Recency effect n༆  n༆  Reflects STM contribution These effects can be selectively affected ¨༊  Faster presentation n༆  Reduces the primacy effect without affecting the recency effect ¨༊  Delay in recall n༆  n༆  Reduces the recency effect without affecting the primacy effect The contributions of STM and LTM are distinct Sensory Memory External Information n༆  Sensory Store Short- Term Store Long- Term Store A temporary memory store that holds incoming sensory information for very brief periods of time...
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