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Anterior system divided attention executive control n

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Unformatted text preview: peripheral interference ¨༊  Hands- free phones still impair driving performance n༆  The negative effects are most salient when the attentional demand is high ¨༊  Dealing with a difficult course or high- traffic density ¨༊  “Active generation” of ideas during conversation 2 2/21/13 Main Points of Today’s Lecture n༆  Automatic and controlled processes differ in important ways n༆  Extensive practice can gradually turn controlled processes into automatic processes n༆  There are multiple separable yet overlapping networks or systems in the brain supporting different types of attention ¨༊  The Stroop effect nicely illustrates this distinction ¨༊  These processes are on a continuum ¨༊  Posterior system (selective attention) vs. anterior system (divided attention & executive...
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