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Model external information sensory store short term

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Unformatted text preview: passive ¨༊  Temporary storage is for the sake of complex cognition in everyday situations S.F.’s chunking strategy Development of the notion of working memory (WM) Working Memory (WM) n༆  n༆  WM is considered an active multicomponent system that supports complex thinking (e.g., language, reasoning, decision making) WM supports both active processing and storage ¨༊  STM focuses on passive storage, equipped only with maintenance (rote) rehearsal processes ¨༊  Example: mentally multiplying 46 x 44 (simultaneous storage and processing needed) n༆  The best known WM theory: Baddeley’s multicomponent model Baddeley’s Multicomponent Model n༆  n༆  Baddeley offered a different way of thinking about temporary memory Working memory is an active system that supports complex cognition ¨༊  n༆  STM is a passive system for only storage It also consists of multiple subsystems ¨༊  Central Executive Phonological Loop Visuospatial Sketchpad STM is primarily a verbal, phonological system “Slave” Systems 4 3/7/13 Modal Model External Information Sensory Store Short-Term Store Baddeley’s Model Long-Term Store Working Memory Central Executive Phonological Loop Visuospatial Sketchpad The Phonological...
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