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Visualspatial codes phonological speech based

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Unformatted text preview: ༆  “Slave” Systems the control of thought and action multitasking and task switching Brain Regions Crucial for Different Subcomponents of WM •  Phonological Loop •  Phonological short- term store (linked to speech perception) •  Subvocal rehearsal (linked to From Baddeley (2003) speech- motor control) •  Visuospatial Sketchpad •  Visual cache (storage) (linked to visual perception) •  Inner scribe (spatial rehearsal) (linked to spatial attention and motor control) •  Central Executive (linked to the prefrontal cortex) The Episodic Buffer: A 4th Subsystem? WM n༆  n༆  The newest and least well understood system A subsystem for temporarily binding together and storing different types of information Chunking (= binding information in the PL and LTM) ¨༊  integrating visual...
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