01-24 Lecture Slides (Final)

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Unformatted text preview: any potential problems with using flashcards for studying? If so, what are they? Why? Version B If you use flashcards for studying, what might be the most effective ways to use them? Why? ¨༊  Can you think of ineffective ways to use flashcards that you should avoid? Why? ¨༊  n༆  Refer to the memory principles you learned on 01/17 & 01/22 3 1/24/13 Additional Study/Learning Tips n༆  n༆  n༆  Have enough (or high- quality) sleep Growth mindset has powerful influence on learning Form concrete “if, then” intentions to avoid any potential distractions The Importance of Sleep in Learning n༆  Sleep has distinct stages ¨༊  REM (rapid eye movement) sleep ¨༊  Non- REM sleep n༆  Sleep, especially REM sleep, seems to play an important role in the consolidation of complex informati...
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