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Auditory imagery sentence task a bird in the hand is

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Unformatted text preview: ston (2001): Experiment 2 n༆  Simulated driving task ¨༊  Pursuit tracking n༆  n༆  n༆  Easy course Hard course Secondary task conditions ¨༊  ¨༊  Single task (no secondary task) Handheld phone: n༆  n༆  Shadowing Word generation Strayer, Drews, & Johnston’s (2003) Follow- Up Study n༆  Simulated driving task ¨༊  Follow a pace car and step on the brake in response to the pace car n༆  n༆  n༆  Low- traffic density High- traffic density Secondary task conditions ¨༊  ¨༊  Single task Cell phone conversation (hands- free) 7 2/19/13 3.5 Traffic Accidents Single Task 3 1150 Brake Onset (ms) 1100 Dual Task 2.5 Single Task Dual Task 1050 2 1000 1.5 950 1 900 0.5 850 0 800 Low Traffic High Traffic Low Traffic High Traff...
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