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He shook his piggy bank sadly it made no sound he

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Unformatted text preview: t implications for our everyday lives (yes, even for our society!) perceive, learn, remember, and think about information” (Sternberg, 2003) The Brangelina Story “Making the Familiar Mysterious” n༆  Even “simple” tasks we perform every day are amazingly complex n༆  ¨༊  Presents are bought with money ¨༊  A piggy bank is a place to keep money ¨༊  Comprehending a simple story n༆  ¨༊  Children often use piggy banks Consider the following story: Brad wanted to buy a birthday present for his best friend Angelina. He shook his piggy bank. Sadly, it made no sound. He went to look for his mother. You need to know a lot to comprehend the story ¨༊  You have to shake to see if there’s money inside ¨༊  Piggy banks hold coins that make noise when shaken ¨༊  Parents have money and can help pay for things n༆  All this information just “pops” into your mind, and you don’t even notice! 2 1/17/13 The Brangelina Story n༆  What else do you need to do to understand the story? “Making the Familiar Mysterious” n༆  ¨༊  Pay attention to the word you’re processing ¨༊  Recognize words and retrieve their meanings ¨༊  Comprehending a simple story ¨༊  Decide where to move your eyes next ¨༊  Some seemingly “simple” abilities might break down as ¨༊  Understand the grammatical structure of individual sentences n༆  All these processes have to operate in parallel, and you need to perform them simultaneously! ¨༊  Cognitive psychology tries to uncover these “hidden”...
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