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Unformatted text preview: music with 80 Recall Accuracy (%) n༆  lyrics has been shown to reduce comprehension considerably 60 40 20 0 Full Divided Divided Attention Attention Attention Easy Hard (4) The Generation Effect n༆  Information that you generated is remembered better than information that you simply read or heard Avoid simply reading (or rereading) notes over and over to study for an exam ¨༊  Try to regenerate what you learned (e.g., telling other people) ¨༊  n༆  One caveat ¨༊  What you generated must be accurate 7 1/17/13 (5) Test- Enhanced Learning (Testing Effect) n༆  n༆  Tests and quizzes are usually considered as assessment tools (e.g., checking the level of understanding) But recent research shows that they also benefit long- term learning better than repeated studying Roedig...
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