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Concept maps on the final test 1 week later the

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Unformatted text preview: answer spectively. (C) shows the proportion of informationSubjects thought would recall on (e.g., a text describing theterm retention information subjects predicted they would recall on subjects predicted they that they learned questions, respectively. (C) shows the proportion of was the the metacognitive judgments 22). the final in (theirprocess r digestion) ractice testing) metacognitive judgments of learning). Error bars indicate from repeated study most SEM. On the final short-answer involvedtest best with ofetrieval p(of learning).(Error bars indicate SEM. On the final short-answer retrieval to determine the robustness of and e enhanced long-term learning above and beyond elaborative study with concept mapping test,Second,practice enhanced long-term learning aboveour beyond elaborative study with concept mapping tandard deviations (d = 1.50), yet students were largely unable to predict this benefit. by one and a half standard deviations (d = 1.50), relative retrieval practice eff...
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