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01-17 Lecture Slides

We carried out a second experiment to replicate the

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Unformatted text preview: ects, we examined theyet students were largely unable to predict this benefit. udy period and then created a e concepts in the text. The stuted about the nature of concept an example of a concept map, concept maps on paper while his is a typical way that consed as an elaborative study acnally, in the retrieval practice studied the text in an initial study acticed retrieval by recalling as ation as they could on a free ecalling once, the students rend recalled again. The total g time was exactly matched in ing and retrieval practice con- Testing vs. Concept Maps On the final test 1 week later, the repeated study, elaborative concept mapping, and retrieval practice conditions all outperformed the studyonce condition on both verbatim and inference questions (Fig. 1, A and B). Retrieval practice produced the best learning, better than elaborative studying with concept mapping, which itself was not significantly better than spending additional time reading. Collapsed across question type (verbatim and inference), the...
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