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01-17 Lecture Slides

Practice is often highly eective n steadily

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Unformatted text preview: learning ¨༊  Expanding retrieval practice (2) Distributed (spaced) learning (3) The importance of attention during memory encoding (4) The generation effect (5) Test- enhanced learning (testing effect) 4 1/17/13 (1) The Benefits of Repeated Learning n༆  Repeated learning leads to more durable memory n༆  But repeated viewing is not necessarily effective ¨༊  We often do not even remember some details of things we have seen many times (1) The Benefits of Repeated Learning n༆  How you repeat matters greatly ¨༊  Elaborative rehearsal is more effective than maintenance (rote) rehearsal n༆  Creating mental images, thinking of associations ¨༊  Expanding retrieval practice is often highly effective n༆  Steadily increasing the time intervals between successive learning sessions S1 n༆  S2 S3 S4 Quiz à༎ Mid- term exam à༎ Final ex...
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