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Shadow the passage your ta will read aloud basic

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Unformatted text preview:   There are different types of attention 3 2/14/13 Varieties of Attention: Classification n༆  Selective attention ¨༊  Focusing on one element and ignoring others ¨༊  Examples: n༆  n༆  n༆  Relevant to James’s quote Looking for your friend in a large crowd (= visual selective attention) Having a conversation with somebody at a party or in a bar (= auditory selective attention) Varieties of Attention: Classification n༆  Divided attention ¨༊  Doing multiple things simultaneously ¨༊  Examples: n༆  n༆  n༆  “Multitasking” Studying while watching TV or listening to the radio Talking over cell phone while driving Varieties of Attention: Classification n༆  Sustained attention (vigilance) Continuously monitoring an environment to detect rare target signals ¨༊  Examples: ¨༊  n༆  n༆  Air- traffic controller Lifeguards on duty 4 2/14/13 Studies of Auditory Selective Attention n༆  ¨༊  ¨༊  n༆  Unattended Channel Dichotic listening Attended Channel Two messages presented, one in each ear You are required to “shadow” one message and ignore the other In- class demonstration ¨༊  Try to “shadow” the passage your TA will read aloud Basic Findings n༆  What people notice in the unattended channel: ¨༊  Physical characteristics of the message n༆  n༆  Sex of the speakers A switch to nonspeech sounds n༆  What people fail to notice in the unattended channel: ¨༊  The content of the message n༆  n༆  n༆  Messages played backwards A switch to a different language The same word repeated over and over The “filter” metaphor of auditor...
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