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Geons is important for the recognition of simple

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Unformatted text preview: Analysis as a Basis for Pattern Recognition: Theories n༆  Some theories of pattern recognition are based crucially on the bottom- up analysis of visual features ¨༊  Recognition of letters n༆  Example theory: Pandemonium model ¨༊  Recognition of common objects n༆  Example theory: Recognition- by- components (RBC) theory (geon theory) Pandemonium Model of Letter Recognition Feature Analysis in the Pandemonium Model n༆  n༆  Each group of “demons” doing their own jobs, focusing on the features in each letter One- way flow of information ¨༊  No feedback from higher- level demons (= based exclusively on bottom- up analysis) 4 2/8/13 Recognition- by- Components (RBC) Theory n༆  Each object can be decomposed into basic elements (features) called “geons” ¨༊  We recognize objects in terms of these geons and their configurations Evidence for the RBC Theory n༆  Evidence supports the idea that the recognition of basic features (= geons) is important for the recognition of simple drawings > You can still recover the overall shapes of the geons and their spatial relationships You can’t Limitations of Purely...
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