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Chemistry 223 Name ____________________ Home Work 7 Section______ Key______________ November 26, 2007 due November 30, 2007 Dr. Latifa Chahoua I. Provide the fisher projection and identify the anomeric carbon in the following carbohydrate. (10 pts) O O H CH 2 OH HOH 2 C HO OH H H H Anomeric carbon CH 2 OH OH H OH H OH H O CH 2 OH Haworth formula Fisher projection The anomeric carbon is the carbon that is linked to 2 oxygens and was the carbonylgroup before cyclization II. Draw a Haworth formula and a fisher projection of the pyranose structure shown below:
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Unformatted text preview: (10 pts) O OH H H H HO H OH H HO OH O OH OH OH OH OH Haworth Formula CHO H OH HO H HO H H OH CH 2 OH Fisher projection D-(+)-Galactose III- Refer to the equilibrium below to answer the following questions. (9 pt) 1. Classify ribose by carbonyl type and number of carbons. Ribose is an aldopentose 2. Which enantiomer of ribose is drawn, D or L? D 3. The correct name for the cyclic structure is -D-ribofuranose ....
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