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BCOM example Assignments

BCOM example Assignments - B-Com 301-01 1 You are to write...

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B-Com 301-01 1. You are to write a routine request letter, to the company of your choice, asking them to send you their latest price list. (5 points) This is a direct, routine letter as described in chapter 6 of your text. This is not an appeal to help you redesign or restructure something. Write this request to a real company. Use their real address. You must use the proper Business Headings, both the sender’s name, address, date, and such, and the address of the person or company to which you are sending the letter. Use either letterhead from a company you that employs you; or use your own address. Use the business block format. Use direct organization . 2. You are to write a complaint memo to the appropriate person in a company for which you work or did work, about something that happened, or about a policy that is/was in place, and about which you are/ were unhappy. (5 points) Use indirect organization. This is a serious assignment. It will be graded as such. This should be about a real policy or incident that you experienced Write this memo as if you are still part of the company. Use the indirect message format and guidelines in chapter 8 , and read, chapter 7.
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