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BCOM example Assignments

Each group will meet in class on january 29 february

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Unformatted text preview: ll meet in class on January 29, February 3, 5, and 10 to brainstorm the assignment, to assign specific members to research different aspects of the topic under discussion, to review and discuss the progress of the assigned tasks and set the final presentation form. Groups will have a maximum of 60 minutes for their symposium, including set-up time. Note: If necessary, the chairperson will contact group members as needed. • Grading: 10 points will be given for personal performance and 5 points will be given for group participation (.5 points for each meeting plus 2 points for the analysis) (Total 15 points). • Each member will give the instructor a complete formatted outline at the start of their presentation. • Each member will give the instructor a specific analysis of the group work at the beginning of their presentation. This will include: who attended what meetings, participation, communication, cooperation, respect, and deadlines met. This...
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