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This is to be detailed like minutes of a meeting not

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Unformatted text preview: is to be detailed, like minutes of a meeting, not general. Groups, dates, members, and lessons: Each group will research, discuss, and demonstrate the following: USE EXAMPLES! Group A: February 12 (chapters 2 & 11) 1) Detailed demonstration of Power Point preparation. Show how to install text, graphics, and special effects on slides powerpoint slides-Use examples. List and illustrate what to do and what not to do in a power point presentation. 2) Development and use of black and white printed handouts. Development and use of color printed handouts. Give examples of effective and ineffective handouts. 3) Ethics in business. 4) Email in business. The dos and don’ts of putting together an email. 5) social media in business. How to and how not to use it. Group B: February 17 (chapters 4,& 5) 1) What we mean by style; 2) Writing effective sentences; 3) Planning and drafting; 4) Revising, formatting, proofreading; Group C: February 19 (chapters 5 & 7) 1) Developing logical paragraphs; 2) Creating an appropriate tone; 3) Planning the persuasive message 4) Organizing a persuasive report; 5) Common types of persuasive requests Group D: February 24 (chapters 6 & 7) 1) Writing a sales letter ; Planning routine messages: 2) Routine adjustment letters; 3)Routine message request; 4)Routine reply; 5)Routine claim letters; Group E: February 26 (chapters 6 & 8) 1) Planning the bad-news message; 2) Bad-news replies; 3) Badnews announcements, 4) Goodwill messages,....
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