1 calculator suppose we want height reported in

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Unformatted text preview: Blackboard. To open these data sets, simply click on the link. (Minitab does not hav e to be opened bef ore clicking on the link.) B. Analyzing the data In the ActivStats tutorials, you were giv en the chance to explore the STAT and GRAPH commands f rom the Main Menu. W e will discuss these in more detail in Minitab Activity 2. Howev er, you can take a f ew moments to explore these commands with this new data set you just created. The CALC command Here is another command f rom the Main Menu that might be usef ul. The CALC command f rom the main menu allows you to manipulate, create, or summarize data. W e will only discuss a couple of these commands in this activity. 1. Calculator Suppose we want height reported in centimeters rather than inches. Here’s how to conv ert the column of heights in inches to heights in centimeters: · Label column 5 (C5) as height in cm · From the main menu: select CALC > CALCULATOR · In the pop­up dialog window, move the cursor to blank box next to "Store result in variable:" Select C5 (height in cm), or just type in height in cm. · In the "Expression" box, we want to tell Minitab to multiply the each v alue of height in inches by 2.54 to conv ert each height in inches to centimeters. To do that, move the cursor to the “Expression” box and select C2 (height in inches). Then click on "*" (multiplication sign) on the calculator and then enter the 2.54 using the calculator or the keypad on your computer (or, you can type all of this in the Expression box: height in inches * 2.54). Here’s what the dialog box should look like: · Click OK. Look in the worksheet window. Column C5 should contain the converted heights f or each individual. There are many more f unctions in the “Calculator” command, some of which we may learn in later Minitab activities. · 2. Column Statistics This command will give us individual summary statistics f or a chosen quantitative variable. For example, suppose we want to know the av erage height of the individuals in our data set. Here’s how: · From the main menu: select CALC > COLUMN ST AT IST ICS · Click on Mean. (This is another name for “average”). The circle next to Mean should be filled in. · Mov e the cursor to the blank box next to “Input Variable”. Select “height in inches”. Here’s what the dialog box might look like: · · Click OK. Look in the Session window. The mean should appear in that w...
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