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Unformatted text preview: t numbers selected with the individuals in the population. (Did you get any repeat numbers? Remember that Minitab samples “with replacement”, which means that once a number is selected, it is put back into the pool and can be selected again. Theref ore, instead of generating only 6 rows of random numbers, you may want to generate a f ew more in case of repeated numbers and then use the first 6 different numbers.) b. Calculator Many calculators have a random number generator. Check to see if yours does. If so, try to find out how to generate a random sample of 6 individuals f rom a population of 28 individuals. 2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ASSIGNMENTS Many assignments will require you to use Minitab. You will use the output f rom Minitab to answer questions or write reports. Here are some important reminders regarding Minitab output and assignments: · · · · Any graphs to which you refer in your assignment should be included in your assignment. (“Copying and pasting” suggestions are given below.) NO MINITAB OUTPUT EXCEPT GRAPHS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. (See syllabus f or penalty if output is included.) All assignments should be typed unless stated otherwise in the assignment. Use only MS W ord. Even though there should be no other Minitab output besides graphs in the assignment you turn in, you may want to copy and paste other output into a Word document so that you can refer to the output while completing the assignment. After you are done using the output, delete it from your Word document. A. Copying output from Minitab into a W ord document. Many of you will be f amiliar with how to do this. But, here are two ways to copy output into a W ord document. 1. Copying directly into a W ord document a. Open a blank Microsoft W ord document. b. In the Session window in Minitab, highlight what you want to copy into the W ord document. Right click and then left click on Copy. example: highlight “Mean o...
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