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Unformatted text preview: indow. Note: this is a way to get individual summary statistics one at a time. W e will discuss a way to get sev eral summary statistics at one time in Minitab Activity 2. Other important ideas and information 1. Random Number Generator (you will use this idea in Assignment 1) Randomization is an important aspect when selecting individuals to participate in a surv ey or an experiment. Randomization is an effective way of controlling f or certain types of biases in surv eys and conf ounding v ariables in experiments. There are many ways to randomly choose the individuals to participate in the study including the old f avorites of picking numbers out of a hat or rolling dice. Howev er, technology provides the most random choice of individuals (supposedly). W e will learn how to randomly select individuals through a random number generator in Minitab. The problem A firm wants to understand the attitudes of its minority managers toward its system f or assessing management perf ormance. Below are the last names of the 28 managers who are members of minority groups. Six are to be randomly selected to be interviewed. Agarwal Alf onseca Baxter Bowman Brown Dewald Fleming Fonesca Gates Goel Huang Kim Lujan Mourning Nunez Puri Richards Rodriguez Santiago Shen Cortez Cross Gomez Hernandez Peters Pliego Vega W atanabe Step 1: Assign a number to each individual in the population. (The 28 minority managers constitute the population in this case.) The typical way to do this is to list the managers in alphabetical order according to their last name and then assign a (1) to the first person in the list, (2) to the second person, etc. Step 2: Selecting the individuals: a. Minitab · · · · · · Open a new worksheet: From the main menu: select FILE > NEW. In the pop­up window, select “Minitab W orksheet”. Click OK. Return to the main menu: select CALC > RANDOM DAT A > INTEGER In the “Number of rows of data to generate” box, type in 6. (Actually, we may want to put a larger number there because it is possible that Minitab will select the same number twice. That is, using this procedure, Minitab is selecting with replacement.) Mov e the cursor to the box under “Store in Column(s):” box. type C1. In the “Minimum Value” box, type in 1 (since this was the number assigned to the first person on your list). In the “Maximum Value” box, type in 28 (since this was the number assigned to the last person on your list and is the size of the population f rom which we’re sampling). Here’s what the dialog box should look like: · Look at C1 in the worksheet. Match the first 6 differen...
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