Lesson 8 - Shapes

Answer exam 1 rachels score of 85 is 05 standard

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Unformatted text preview: d deviations above the mean. We don’t know yet exactly what percent of students would score more than her, but it’s somewhere between 16% and 50%. Exam 2: Rachel’s score of 80 is 1 standard deviation greater than the mean. We know that approximately 16% of the students would score less than her. (That is, she’s in the approximate 84th percentile.) Since fewer students will score higher than her on the second exam compared to the first exam, her performance on the second exam was better compared to the rest of the class than on the first exam. Summary W hich measures of center and spread to use depends on the shape of data. If data are skewed, the median and quartiles should be reported. If data are symmetric, the mean and median are the same, so either one can be used to describe the measure of the center. The standard deviation is an ideal measure of spread for symmetric data. One particular common symmetric shape is the normal curve. The normal curve can be completely describe...
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