Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace - looses his butcher shop due to a bad...

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Robert Schnautz September 18, 2007 US History Since 1865 Out of the Furnace Short Assignment The book Out of Furnace is about short stories of immigrants coming to America in search for a fortune. So far I have read the first two stories in the book and they both have some commonalities and differences. One of the similarities is that both of them are Slovakian immigrants leaving everything behind to start a new better life. Both Kracha and Mike Dobrejack are looking to make themselves rich, but do it in different aspects. Another similarity that they have in common is that they both endured the hardships of working in the steel mills. After several years in America both Mike and Kracha have something to show for their earnings, Kracha has a butcher shop, and Mike is able to buy considerably fancy furniture. Even though at times it seems that the two Slovaks are doing pretty well both there stories end unfortunately. Mike looses his life and Kracha
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Unformatted text preview: looses his butcher shop due to a bad investment in land and a domestic disturbance. The stories of these two immigrants are very similar, but also have some radical differences. Kracha made his money doing an assortment of jobs, like working for the railroad, in the steel mills, and owning his own butcher shop. While Mike makes his money working under the hard conditions of a steel mill. They also have a different look on the aspect of family. It seems that once Kracha’s wife from the old country arrives, he thinks that she has changed and becomes disgusted with her. This eventually leads to Kracha cheating on her with a woman that he had met on the boat ride to America. Mike’s outlook on family life is that he waits until he finds the right woman that he will love and cherish. He eventually finds the girl of his dreams, which happens to be Kracha’s daughter, which he cares for very much and starts a loving family....
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Out of the Furnace - looses his butcher shop due to a bad...

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