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Unformatted text preview: es for strong unions Labor relations Collective bargaining Collective Negotiating an acceptable labor contract between Negotiating management and the labor union management Grievance procedure Dealing with employees represented by a union Means by which labor contract is enforced Arbitration A third party hired to settle disputes MGMT 365 Lecture 1 MGMT Execution Is the challenge of whether managers can have Is access to, the capability, and the motivation, to use measurement data, communicate strategy, and monitor progress. monitor To develop a workforce score card managers To should translate measures into actions and hold employees accountable for results. Core Competencies What a company does best, the essence of its What business business MGMT 365 Lecture 1 MGMT Financial or Economic Capability When an organization receives access to funding When or enjoys economies of scale. The changing status of HRM. The HR is often involved with company strategy, HR improving quality and production, reducing labor costs and increasing the bottom line and market share. share. MGMT 365 Lecture 1 MGMT Productivity concerns influence Productivity organizational policies and procedures by: organizational reduce the number of workers reduce Increase productivity. Increase cross-train and test employees cross-train reduced turnover, reduced theft, reduced increased productivity. MGMT 365 Lecture 1 MGMT The major HRM activities conducted in an The organization include: organization organizational design, organizational Staffing & performance appraisal Staffing Management, health and safety systems Reward and benefits policies Employee training and organizational Employee development development employer/employee relations and productivity employer/employee improvement programs. MGMT 365 Lecture 1 MGMT What impact should the composition of the What workforce have on HRM practices workforce Training & compensation Assess and develop employees for the Assess competitive advantage competitive 2. Validated selection and promotion systems 2. are related to higher produ...
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