Paul revere's Ride

Paul revere's Ride - Robert Schnautz US History Before 1865...

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Robert Schnautz March 11, 2008 US History Before 1865 Paul Revere: Lone Rider or Collective Effort Before this great nation was founded there were steps that our forefathers had to take for the United States to gain freedom. One of these many steps happened in Massachusetts with the help of Paul Revere. The myth is that he was the lone rider that rode on his horse from New England town to New England town warning of the advancements of the British. After reading Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer, I have learned that this is hardly the case. Before the start of the revolution many colonialists were rapidly gaining outrage towards the British Empire and how they were treating their royal colony. Many groups began to form to discuss what should be done about the recent legislatures put into place by the British. One of these groups was the New England Whigs, who had very famous members apart of the group such as John Hancock, Sam Adams, and of course Paul Revere. This was a very secretive group that met in different taverns along the New England countryside, and did a variety of things like organizing weapon caches,
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Paul revere's Ride - Robert Schnautz US History Before 1865...

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