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Unformatted text preview: lected public officials make critical decisions. For example, relatively independent central banks decisions/opinions in economic policy. The military frequently exercise power even when democratically elected governments exist. Examples: Thailand and Pakistan,from Asia; Peru and Guatemala from Latin America. Even when government is elected, the majority can discriminate against the minority. Examples: Ethnic conflicts in countries such as India. Political (procedural) Democracy Democracy Sartori makes the important point that the above formulations are Western conceptions of democracy that limit it to the input side (procedural element) of the political process and hence inadequate as a theory of democracy for developing countries. The output side of democracy relates to elements such as political stability, protection of minority rights, and the ability to achieve economic progress with a reasonable degree of social equity. So… So… Is there a single model for political democracy? Not only one form of democracy (page 9) Yes and no: ­ Yes, because there should be minimum requirements fulfilled ­ No, because cultural and historical traditions. Example: Japan ­ until recent events changed the situation, there has been competiti...
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