Or a metamorphic process forced by humans 2

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Unformatted text preview: something other than rock? Or a metamorphic process forced by humans? 2) Sedimentary: Sediments (Fraser river sediments overlying glacial deposits) Sediments (Fraser Sedimentary bedrock (sandstones, mudstones, conglomerates) (sandstones, Older bedrock (granites etc.) (granites Source: Clague and Turner, Living on the Edge Rocks 1785 James Hutton “the father of Geology” 1785 • wrote “Theory of the Earth with Proof and Illustrations” • the first synthesis of the observations • “the Earth has no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end” • THE ROCK CYCLE Originally: erosion uplift deposition metamorphosis The Rock Cycle The To understand the rock cycle, we need to understand: 1) What minerals are. 2) What the three basic groups of rocks are: • Igneous • Sedimentary • Metamorphic 3) The processes by which these materials move through the rock cycle 4) The rates at which the materials move through the rocks cycle The Rock Cycle The The different rock types can be transformed from one to the other…...
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